Monday, December 7, 2015

The next goal?

After a hiatus of a couple months, I am ready to track my current goal.

I have been working through the Jamie Eason Live Fit program and am getting close to finishing Phase 2. I'm feeling pretty strong but getting frustrated with the scale because I can't budge from 129 pounds right now. I've read a lot of reviews on this program and a lot of people feel "fluffy" through phase 2 because of the muscle growth. Phase 3 will start in about 2 weeks which is when I add a bunch of HIIT cardio to shed down the fat.

This week I am trying to keep the calories right at 1700/day to lose a little bit of bloat leading up to Christmas break.

I weighed in on Saturday at 129.8 pounds, I'd like to be in 128's this Saturday. I'm not trying to lose "weight" right now, as I'm trying to build some muscle, I just don't want to go up super fast.

I'll track my meals for the next week to keep myself accountable.

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