Friday, July 10, 2015

Triathlon Goals!

I am going off my times from the last triathlon for comparison and new goals.

Renting a $350 wetsuit for $10 - Can't get better than that!


2012 - 31 minutes.
In the ocean with some surf, no wetsuit, first open water mass start. Freaked out a little, no training.

2015 Goal - 25-26 minutes.
In a lake, so surf, full wetsuit, wave starts, actually trained this time!


2012 - 1:18 (18.8 mph)
I amazed myself. I felt great, didn't want it to end, not sure if I can improve.

2015 - 1:15-1:18 (18.8-19.6 mph)
I have a fitted tri bike this time, but I haven't trained as much and really don't know what to expect. Hope I can hold the same pace as last time.


2012 - 1:02
Had to pee the whole time, I was pretty hot, and legs were wiped.

2015 - 1:00
Can't control the bathroom part, but I'm hoping with the different bike my legs won't be so tired and I can run faster.

2012 total time - 2:55
2015 goal time - 2:48

That being said, I'll be happy with anything under 3 hours. :)

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