Saturday, May 30, 2015

IIFYM Challenge, Last full day

Friday morning weight - 128.0

That's a little better! I'm pretty sure I'll be in the 127's tomorrow which is a nice starting point for the next 2 weeks to shed down to a good racing weight.

Breakfast - Quaker Protein oatmeal

Lunch - Tilapia, green beans, golden grahams with milk

Snack - cottage cheese and grapes

Dinner - Tilapia, green beans, magnum ice cream bar, and some fudge. :)

Not doing any workouts today to rest my muscles for tomorrow's relay. I'm running a total of around 10 miles in two different legs. I'm hoping to hold somewhere in the 8's for the entire thing.

Then to rest up for my massive week of training next week! I'm planning on going really heavy on the bike and weights next week. Schedule coming up.

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