Thursday, May 21, 2015

IIFYM Challenge, Day 4

My pop-tart binge had some serious effects on the scale and my belly. I came in at 129.4 this morning and my tummy was SUPER bloated. however, I have eaten really well today so I am excited about tomorrow's weigh-in.

I started eating before I took the picture - oops. 2 scrambled eggs, one toast with apple butter and watermelon!

I made a great salad and forgot to take a picture until I had already eaten it. It was in a serving size bowl and I ate the whole thing. Just lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Also had some pork loin and brussels sprouts.

STRAWBERRIES are on sale. I love it when strawberries are on sale! Topped with a greek yogurt. So good.

Homemade chili with some brown rice topped with some cheese.

Aaaannnnndddd, here's the problem with having kids - birthdays. Tyler turned 6 yesterday and we had some chocolate cake with candy on it. The kids had some with dinner and I smelled the chocolate. And lost all control.

Kit Kat, 1 Pop Tart, and an ice cream bar. Dang it.

Totals for the day? - Best to not keep track. Kidding, I was actually still under 2000 for the day. :)

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