Tuesday, May 19, 2015

IIFYM Challenge, Day 3

Tuesday morning

Weigh in at 128.8 again - exactly the same as yesterday. I knew that would happen because of all the salt and processed food I had. If I can keep it together today, I'm hoping to be in the 127's tomorrow.

Workouts for today
Swim 2500 yards - 48 minutes
lift legs - 40 minutes
Turbo kick - 60 minutes
Total exercise burn of around 1200 calories.

Breakfast (410 cal) (sorry for crappy pics - phone camera got water in it)
2 eggs, kashi golean crunch with dannon greek yogurt

Lunch (502 cal)
Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado. I got a new dressing that is awesome! It's bolthouse farms ranch, it's made with yogurt and SO good. Bye bye Walden farms dressing!
Pork loin and brussels sprouts. (leftovers)

Mid afternoon tired slump and binge. 4 poptarts. Yeah. You know what's scary about tracking your calories? The calorie bomb that some foods are that you didn't realize. Like poptarts. ONE is 200 calories. You know there are two in the package, right? If you eat one package, that's 400 calories.
My flavors totaled 760 calories. For a snack. O.M.G.

Not super hungry and the day kind of feels like a bust. Grilled ham and cheese sandwich (A tiny one) and a piece of chocolate cake for Tyler's 6th birthday.

Probably broke even on the calories when adding in exercise and once again way over on my salt and sugar. Probably won't be less weight tomorrow. I have got to get a handle on this! Tomorrow might be a fruit, veggie, and fish day.

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