Sunday, April 19, 2015

6 day IIFYM/Clean eating Challenge

Only 3 weeks ago I was on the path to a great racing weight. I weighed in at 127.2 pounds and although still had at least 5 pounds to go, I was feeling good. My clothes were fitting better, my abs were showing through again, and then I crashed with the clearance easter candy and this weekend was atrocious! I gained 2 pounds in 2 days eating donuts and twix and popcorn. 

I have a race on Saturday and I would like to wear my crazy patterned tights I have, they are pretty snug, though. So for an experiment, I am going to do a 6 day challenge. It's a combination of IIFYM and clean eating. I will track every single thing I eat along with my weigh in each day until Saturday morning.

This morning's weigh in:


I got out all this produce with the goal of eating it all in one day. Spoiler alert - didn't make it.

Don't forget the water!

So for breakfast I ate 2 oranges and 1 apple at 8:45am. (203 calories)

At 10:45am I ate one tomato, one cucumber, and one avocado all mixed together like a salad. and more water. (309 calories)

For full disclosure, I did eat a few of these at church today.

Dinner at 3pm - 2 zucchini, one chicken breast, and 2 cups strawberries. and a lot more water. (377 calories)

Last item with no picture - chocolate protein shake (140 calories)

We'll see what the scale says tomorrow.

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