Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I think I may have a goal or two

My second full marathon is on Saturday. Three days to go.


The weird thing is that I don't even feel nervous about this. I don't know why. Probably because I don't see how I could do any worse than the last one! I want to point out all the pros to this race:

- Cool weather. Instead of 70 degrees with 35 mph sustained winds, we will have a starting temp of 45 with a finishing temp of around 60?

- Hills. The last race was a lot of flat with a lot of rolling hills. This course? 4000 ft. elevation loss! It's all downhill!

- Training. The last time I hurt my foot (tendonitis) and really struggled the last 6 weeks of training because I couldn't run normally and my foot ALWAYS hurt. This time I've been struggling with IT band but the last 6 weeks have been pretty solid and I got TWO 20 milers in this time - last time I only got one.

I have a great playlist set up and I tested out the iPod this morning, it is good to go.
I have good shoes to run in.
I have new socks that I LOVE that don't fall over my heel - I hate that.
I think I figured out a fueling method. Gu's do not sit well with me - I need REAL food. I found the Powerbar performance energy bar in cookie dough flavor is amazing. Yummy, it sits well, and at 240 calories per bar, I only need to eat 1/2 every 4 miles or so and I'm good. I have 2 of those and 2 Gu's. How am I going to carry those?

To make my IT band behave during training, I probably did 80-85% of training on the treadmill. I'm interested to see how that transfers over to a race. I know that my knee will begin hurting during the race, but I'm prepared to run through it and finish knowing that I can take a month off and recover for REAL this time.

Time goals? I'm not sure I have some real ones. Do better than my last 4:58 time for sure.

Here's what I realistically think I can do:

A+ goal: 4:10 (9:32 pace) - I have been holding this during many of my long outdoor runs and it feels ok. Especially when I'm running downhill. Many of my down hill sections were easily in the 8's without trying.

A goal: 4:20 (9:54 pace) - I think this one is very doable. Just a hair less than a 10 minute mile with major downhill help and cool weather? In the bag.

B goal: anything under 4:58! That's really all there is.

Totally excited!

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