Saturday, July 19, 2014

Injury update

Today marks 15 days past my hiccup from the 18 miler 2 weeks ago.

Last Saturday I did a 46 mile bike ride in 3 hours. There were tons of hills and overall a great workout.

Monday I attempted to run, and I hobbled 2 miles and my knee hurt all day.

Tuesday I biked 20 miles.

Wedensday - I did run 5 miles, 2 outside (did not feel good) and 3 on the treadmill (felt great). At this point I'm feeling hopeful that the treadmill will be my savior because it's so soft and cushy.

Thursday - rest.

Friday - biked 22 miles of hills, feeling great.

Saturday (today) - I wanted to run around 12-15 miles but I'm just hoping for no pain. I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. .7 miles in I am not feeling good. I don't push it and hop on the elliptical instead. 1 hour and 7 "miles" later I decide to attempt the treadmill again. Success!!!! 7.3 miles to add to the .7 I did earlier = 8 miles of running and my knee doesn't hurt at ALL!

I am proud of myself for taking time off and biking and ellipticalling instead of pushing through pain. The marathon is in 8 weeks, and I'm thinking I am back to my scheduled training on Monday! I'll stick to the treadmill next week to ensure no more setbacks, but things are looking up!

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