Thursday, July 10, 2014


Unfortunately, I've had another "hiccup" with my running. The knee pain is back.


I was an idiot and pushed through my 18 mile run on Saturday even though my knee started hurting early on. IDIOT. It hurt constantly all day Saturday and Sunday, and then started fading.

I tried running Tuesday. 10 steps in - fail.

I tried running this morning. 10 steps in - fail.

I am trying to stay positive and cross training like a mother. I am biking every other day and stretching and rolling and icing like crazy. I'll attempt another run on Saturday but I am fully prepared to have to bike 50 miles instead.

The last time I had a major hiccup was after a 10K I ran. It took 2 weeks before I was feeling good that time, so I'm thinking it will be the same here. That's ok. I can take a 2 week long cross training break without killing my training plan. After my "break" I will still have a full 8 weeks of training to make up anything I've lost (which shouldn't be much).

Only a week and a half before running again. Bring on the biking!

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