Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dude, Where's my Van?

Today I did my first relay! The Teton Dam Marathon was today which of course I wanted to do so I could get this shirt:

But because I am also training for a marathon I needed to do 14 miles today.

So I ran the first leg of our race with our first runner.

It was FREEZING. 40 degrees but the wind was ice cold.
4 miles over in a snap. First exchange.

There goes Ashley! She was so great and hilarious to have in our van. Which reminds me, our team name was "Dude, Where's my Van?"

Exchange 2!

Hanging in the van making jokes.

I ran the last leg of 5 miles which put me at 9 so far for the day (technically 9.4).

I did really well, with my last 3 miles at 8:55, 8:28, and 8:06.

Here is our team at the finish (minus one because she had to leave right after her leg)

It was totally fun and I'd love to do more relays.

Then I ran home from the race and around a neighborhood to get me to my mileage today.

Best part? Knee doesn't hurt at ALL. at ALL!!!!

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Runners Fuel said...

Glad your knee doesn't hurt! The relay looks fun!