Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ice, Ice, baby

Doesn't that just make you want to jump up and start dancing and singing all the lyrics to show off how awesome you are? Just me?

I've been STRICT about my icing and rolling plan the good 'ol doctor gave me over a month ago (I'm icing my knee right. now.). And guess what? I think it's WORKING!!!!!

Last week I ran:
Mon - 3.1 miles
Wed - 3.1 miles
Fri - 4.5 miles
Total - a whopping 10.7 miles for the week (but before I couldn't even do 5 without serious pain)

I notice my knee but there is no pain, you know?

I did 3.9 miles yesterday and it still felt great! (and by great I mean no pain) I'm hoping to do another 3.5-4 miles tomorrow morning and then I go in for my last chiropractor appointment.

After my knee hurting ALL the time since the middle of January, I'm feeling so hopeful that I've overcome the worst of it and it will continue to get better. If I can do 5.5 miles this friday, I am still going to attempt my 10K on the 26th of April.

Internet high fives to everyone!!!!

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