Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A little hiccup.

I was doing amazing with my running, a week ago I ran 5.6 miles with NO pain so I was all jazzed to run my 10K on Saturday. I would NOT race it but just enjoy myself and try and make it through with no pain.


I thought I was running slow but I finished in 56:36 (9:06 pace, 7th in AG), which beats my old time (58:45 in 2010) by 2 minutes! Oops. You know what? I could have easily held that pace - except the knee - for a half marathon, which means I could have broken 2 hours. oh well.

I felt completely fine until about mile 4 when my knee started aching so I walked the water stops which helped a little until the last mile.

I've been icing like, 6 times a day and foam rolling like crazy ever since the race and FINALLY this morning my knee doesn't hurt while walking around my house. Actually I haven't noticed it at all today.

I biked yesterday.
I will yoga today. (Can I use that as a verb?)
I will try 1 or 2 miles on the treadmill tomorrow. slow.

I have not re-injured myself, I just had a little hiccup. Nothing that an easy week can't handle. We got this.

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