Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My knee hates me

I would like to know how I managed to train hard and race several 5K's and a half marathon last year and have no injuries, and now when I'm barely running 12 miles a week and mostly on a treadmill I have severe IT band issues?!

I did a run 2 weeks ago and my knee hurt so bad that I had to stop. I decided to take 1 1/2 weeks off and do some biking, swimming, and weight lifting instead. I head out to do a run yesterday and I didn't even make it 1.5 miles before my knee started hurting again. What the? I already switched out my shoes and took away all speed work and rested and my knee feels horrible.

I have a feeling that April 10K isn't going to go well.

I'm going to stick to the elliptical for the rest of February and tackle running again March 1. My knee had BETTER feel good by then.

Any others with IT band issues? How do you heal?

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