Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm an idiot.

Instead of waiting until the end of February to start running again, I got stupid and tried running a couple times last week. the first 2 were fine, a 2 and 2.5 mile jog and then Saturday I did 4 miles including this wicked downhill. Did I mention I wanted to see how fast I could go? rocking a 7 minute mile down a massive hill and my knee (while not painful) has been really stiff ever since.

Yeah, sometimes I'm not that smart.

I am taking 2 full weeks off major exercise to try and heal this once and for all. I think the biking is aggravating it and probably the weight lifting as well.

I will stick to yoga, swimming, and ellipticalling until March 10.

THEN, I will only run 3 days a week and those first 2 weeks will all be easy, no hills, and SHORT. I will stretch religiously every day. I will ice. And I am seriously considering getting a roam roller.

The reason behind this crazy healing plan? I am doing the marathon!!!!!! I'm switching my big race for the year, so instead of the triathlon, I will seek redemption in the marathon!

I'm prepping to GO BIG!

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