Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow running and new shoes

So this happened. A couple weeks ago it dumped about 8 inches of snow and then didn't get about 20 degrees for weeks. You tell me, how in the world are you supposed to run on that? I know I would fall all over the place and break some bones. The treadmill and I have been buds (sort of - more on that later).

Gratuitous photo of my kids. I know I'm not the only one who thinks they are adorable, right?

Okay, so I signed up for a 10K (FINALLY) on April 26th or something like that. I started "training" since I'm terribly out of shape for running right now. But my IT band. holy moly. Any speed work at all and it feels like knives are stabbing into it and it will hurt for days. I can't do a run over 3 miles at all without pain. So in an effort to fix the problem before it gets REALLY bad, say good-bye to these babies.

I really wanted to love the Pure line of Brooks but I just don't. I get injured easily and they do not provide enough support for me. 

Bring back the Ghost!

I opened a brand spanking new pair of shoes I bought on clearance several months ago and got rid of all the other running shoes I have. I am also going to take a week off running to hopefully fix any lasting twinges (I'll bike, swim, and row).  

Lastly, in the next week or two I'll be starting project awesome. Details to come.

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