Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Operation: Runner

I've decided that I am a "real" runner.

I realize that there are endless quotes out there that say things like...

But while in my head they made sense, in my heart I felt like a phony.  

I know this is due to my consistent 10 minute mile paces even though I train hard to become faster. I think somehow in my head I've told myself over and over again that since my "comfortable" pace is around 10 minutes/mile then there is no possible way I'm really a runner. I'm a jogger. To me a real runner can run in the 8's consistently. And while I can run in the 8's for a 5K or for 5 or so miles, I'm working hard and I can't hold it for a half marathon.

This morning after I rode my bike for an hour, I hopped on the treadmill for an experiment. I will call it Operation:Runner. I set the pace at an 8 minute mile (7.5mph) to see if I could hold it for 1 mile.

and guess what? I DID! I even upped it to an 8.2 by the end (mostly because I wanted it to be over quicker). I'm really proud of myself and it's the first step to me running that 5K under 25 minutes and that half marathon under 2 hours.

I'm a real runner from now on. Next week? 1.25 miles at 7.5mph. Bring it.

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