Thursday, December 5, 2013

November review

December, what? I can't believe Christmas is almost here. I've been so busy with the move and trying to get settled and whatnot, that I'm not sure I'm in the Christmas spirit. hmmmm....

go the whole year injury free!!! feeling great!

1 mile timed run each month 
January outside- 8:05
February treadmill - 7:35 (almost died)
March - ummm, oops.
April - yeah.

May - In my defense, I was out of town for 3 of the 4 weeks in May.
June - too dang hot. seriously, the second I walk out the door I'm covered with sweat.
July - ummm, I did some mile repeats at 8:15, so there's that.
August - I'll do this again when it cools off. This is just ridiculous.
September - I did some mile repeats inside of a bigger workout about 8:14's or so. Still haven't done this.
Oct - 7:48
Nov - I moved across the country.

Run/bike/swim 2000 miles combined
Run - 75.24
Bike - 89.4
Swim - 3
total for November - 167.71
Total miles - 1618 (Face the facts, 2000 is not happening this year)

Run a sub 2 hour half marathon. Epic fail

run a sub 25 minute 5KJune race - fail. October race - fail (25:56) but happy with a huge PR

bike a 15 mile bike ride averaging 19 mph. not yet.

race a 10K under 58 minutesnot happening this year.

weight training at least 2x a week.  in the last two weeks since I can use the gym at the college, I've been getting back into it with real weights.

maybe try a duathlonmaybe next year.

I'm having a good time with all the gym equipment and trying really hard to adjust to the altitude here and stay in shape in the bitter cold (- 8 currently). Really enjoying where I live right now and am super excited about my triathlon next summer. (June!) Good things are coming!

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