Friday, December 13, 2013

like a fish

After not swimming regularly in many years (probably 3), I've gone to the pool twice a week for the last 3 weeks or so.  It really hurts. My shoulders burn, I can't breathe, I'm slow (in comparison to the workouts I did in high school and college), and it kind of sucks.

But I broke through the wall!!! I'm still slow-ish but this week when I swam on Tuesday - it was amazing! My shoulders felt good, my body strong, my breathing more regulated, and I'm getting slightly faster. I can go for about 45 minutes without stopping and I'm thrilled that it only took a couple weeks for my body to remember how to do this.

I always base my speed and swimming shape by the standard 8x50's on :50 or 8x100's on 1:30. I did those sets ALL. THE. TIME. I can rock 8x50's on the :55 (I feel so good I can do 10), but when I dropped the time down to :50? ouch. I know I'll get there, it'll just take a couple more weeks. But my 100's are sucking big time because I have to do them on the 1:45. wow. I used to be able to do them on the 1:20. Anyway, those are my goals. I hope to be able to do my 8x50s and my 8x100s on the :50 and 1:30 by the end of January.

I can just taste those triathlon wins!

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