Friday, November 1, 2013

Racing Addiction

What is it about me? About us "racers"?

We do some races, they suck. We do horrible and hate every second of it and then a week later we are on the hunt for a new challenge.

A chance to redeem ourselves.

Seriously, after the horrible way I felt at my last 5K (although I did PR), the sucky half marathon (I've gone faster than that in training runs), and the craptastic marathon I did, I need some redemption.

I need a triathlon.

We are moving next week to Idaho. Where cold weather abounds and there are races galore. The Rigby Lake triathlon is next in line for me. It's an Olympic distance race a mere 12 minutes from our (new) house.

The great news about this new place we live? I have complete access to the Fitness Center and all it entails. treadmills, indoor lap pool, weights, ellipticals, bikes, aerobics classes, indoor track, outdoor track, hills, bleachers, etc, etc, etc. Did I mention it's 1 minute from our house? Okay, maybe 2 minutes.

I can REALLY swim train! I can take spinning classes to up my biking speed! I can run hills to strengthen my legs!

Here are my goals for my next tri-

  • finish the swim in 28-ish minutes (1:45/100)
  • hold a 19 mph on the bike
  • finish under an hour on the run
  • Overall? Finish around 2:50 or so.
Bring it ON Idaho!

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