Sunday, November 24, 2013


Wow. Where have I been?

Packing up all my belongings, driving 2400 miles, and unpacking all my belongings (although I still can't find stuff).

We now live in Rexburg, Idaho. Elevation 4900 feet above sea level. Bath was AT sea level  (since I could see the sea from my house), so I'm sucking wind here. I've gone running twice. There's this 1 mile hill straight up to the Rexburg Temple and it's my goal to make it the whole way without walking.  Here's a small idea of what it looks like:

I just mapped it and it's a 350 feet gain in .99 miles. That's a 5% grade for 1 mile with no rest. Am I a wuss or just not acclimated to the altitude and hills?

I've gone swimming at the pool once, that was eye opening. I'm way out of swimming shape, holy smokes. I did 1600 yards in 35 minutes or so. And then I went to a spinning class on Saturday, that was totally fun and got a great sweat on.

Anyway, I'm getting back into shape after my disaster of a half marathon and working on running speed so I can kill a triathlon next summer. Feeling good and looking forward to my next race!

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