Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Power of Positive thinking (or just plain competitiveness)

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I am tired but I can't turn my brain off because I have a lot going on and am excited about some stuff. 2 weeks of no sleep and my morning running is suffering. Big time.

Yesterday morning when my alarm went off at 5am I wanted to cry. I turned it off and went back to sleep until 7. That meant I would have to run that evening when Dave got home from work. Problem? Not really because it was super hot yesterday and a cool front would be coming through in the evening, making my run much more enjoyable. (especially since I had speed work on the agenda.)

Husband home, leave the house at 6pm, 78 degrees and 183645% humidity. That's right, cold front won't be hitting until midnight. dagnabbit!

Well, I was to do five 800's with 3 minutes of rest in between and because recently found out the Dave's sister (who only started running very recently) ran her first 5K and clocked in at 24:15!!! That's a 7:50 minute mile pace - in case you were wondering. I've never even run ONE mile at that pace before!

::enter competitive woman::

So now I feel like I have to try really really really really really really hard to come as close as I can to that time. (Items to note, her 5K was 40 degrees outside, and she probably weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. So I've got 25 pounds on her and every 5K I've ever done has been about 80 degrees)

Anyways, I wanted to do those 800's as fast as I could to see what I could do (I usually hang around a 7:50-8:10 pace for 800's.

In the middle of the first 800, I want to die. I can't breathe, I'm HOT, and it sucks.
By 800 #3, I seriously want to die. I don't know if I've ever hurt so bad in my life.
#4 - I think I'm going to black out and I'm not getting air anymore. How is this possible to breathe so hard and not get any air?!
last one - FINISH STRONG. THIS IS IT. Holy crap I'm not going to make it home.

DONE, and lean over on my knees gasping for air. I go home and plug in my Garmin to see what my times were (I haven't figured out how to check it without my computer).

First 800 - 7:04 (WHAT?! No wonder I wanted to die)

2.5 miles in 18:28. (7:23 average) That is the fastest I've EVER gone in my life. e.v.e.r.

Now I'm wondering how I could have done if it wasn't 78 degrees. What if it had been 53 degrees? When it's hot I overheat really easily. I'm wondering if I just haven't been pushing myself enough or if it's so hot most of the year that I just try to finish without overheating?  Can I really do this? Has my mind and doubts been keeping me back this whole time? Can I run longer distances in the low 8's?

I'm pretty proud of myself. And a little excited about embracing the pain on Saturday to see what I can do. 25 minute 5K - I CAN do it. I CAN.

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