Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sleeping in can pay off

This morning when my alarm went off at 5am, I grudgingly got up and heard this weird sound outside. I looked out the window and saw rain and wind so strong it looked like the trees were bending sideways.

Back to bed it is.

I thought I would take the 2 little boys in the bike trailer (it can turn into a sort of jogger stroller) and do my tempo run when the rain stopped. 6 miles tempo with 1 mile warm up and cool down = 8 total.

one mile into my run I realized how stupid this was. the blasting wind created this crazy parachute out of it and I could barely "run" faster than a walk. I did 3 miles and called it quits. I'd tackle the last 5 when Dave got home from work (Thank HEAVENS he doesn't stay at work until 9pm any more).

5:45pm, I head out AGAIN to do my 5 miles at (hopefully) a 9 minute mile pace. I knew I'd be back by 6:30 if I was successful. I hit my one mile landmark I checked my garmin to see what kind of speed I was holding and realized it never picked up the satellite signal. hmmm...

It took Mr. G thirty-one minutes to pick up the satellite and start recording distance. After it got the first mile at 8:38 I realized that I didn't need to do an entire 45 minutes. I was thinking I'd stop at 43:30 and then map my route once I got home. So I map it and get 5.12 miles = 8:29 average pace.

My 5 mile race I did in March - 8:44 average pace
5K in June - 8:45 average pace

I DESTROYED all my best times tonight! hahahaha!!!

Oh, and that's on no caffeine. :)

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