Thursday, October 10, 2013

Race Prep

Weather forecast: low of 57, high of 71 - race starts at 9am, so I'm thinking 60-ish degrees?

Race time Prediction

What I know I can do: 27:00 (8:41 average)

What I can do with good weather: 26:24 (8:30 average)

What I think I can do with good weather: 25:53 (8:20 average)

What I hope to do: 24:57 (8:01 average)

Race playlist

Music sounds better - Big Time Rush
What makes you beautiful - One Direction
Lightening - The Wanted
Heels Over Head - Boys Like Girls
Alright - Hot Chelle Rae
Girl Like That - Every Avenue
Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars (just TRY to not run fast to this song)
So What - P!nk
Starships - Glee Version
She Likes -  - Forever the Sickest Kids

~ 29 minutes

That means I put my best RUN FAST song about 6 1/2 minutes from the end which should give me my last push to the finish line, and I have a minute or two to play music at the start of the race.

Now to pick my outfit...

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