Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nuese River Bridge Half Marathon

70 degrees.
100% humidity with no rain and no wind. Stagnant. Gross.

Even though I didn't get my 50 degrees like I wanted, I had trained hard and felt confident in my ability.

The race starts and I'm feeling great! excited! I tried to stay relaxed but in control and hit mile 1 at 8:53, even running up the hill on the bridge!

I swear I don't really run with my hands like that. What am I doing?

Mile 2 - 8:38
Mile 3 - 8:57
Mile 4  was my first walking break. I was SO thirsty and so hot. I tried to grab water earlier but my hands were shaky, I was kind of dizzy and dropped the cup. So this time I walked to make sure I could actually drink it. 9:29

Mile 5 something happened to me. Out of nowhere I felt horrible. HORRIBLE. I wanted to stop running and go home. I was hot, stomach upset, dizzy, shaky, I couldn't catch my breath, etc. This is NOT what I trained for. 9:34

Miles 6-11 were a blur of pain and suffering, slogging along, trying not to quit but wanting to lay down on the road. I walked every time there was a water station and tried to get my breathing under control. My legs were not the problem, everything else was. 9:44, 10:03, 10:23, 10:30, 10:40, 10:38.

Mile 12 - Oh my goodness I'm going to finish!!!! Only 1 mile left!!!! YES! 10:45
Mile 13 - Almost there, almost there, almost there, I can stop REALLY soon. 10:30
last.2 - finish!!!!! (8:54 pace)

Finish time of 2:10 (9:51 pace). I'm disappointed because I trained so hard but I has serious flashbacks to my marathon when the weather was just not on my side. Actually, with all the walking I did, my time isn't too bad.

The thing that is really frustrating is how horrible I felt the majority of the race. I did not have fun. I did not enjoy myself. It was straight up a sucky day.

After the race, I started my (now typical) throwing up. I threw up for 5 or 6 hours and wanted to die. After researching Dr. Google a little bit, I think I had a bad reaction to higher levels of caffeine.  (by higher, I mean anything over 65 mg) I naturally have low blood pressure and low blood sugar and by adding caffeine and hot weather, it's a disaster.

Note: After the race I came home and looked at the results online. First place in my age group finished at 1:56. There were 77 finishers in my age group and only 3 of them were below 2 hours. Slow times all around. I looked up results from previous years and there were 20-30 finishers below 2 hours then. I think the weather affected everyone.

Looks like my sub 2 is going to be in 2014.

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