Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's on like Donkey Kong

I am such a nerd.

Moving on.

So, half marathon on Saturday. It looks like the weather forecast changed and it is now supposed to be 65 degrees at the race start. When am I going to get a break for the weather during race day?!

It's going to be warmer than I wanted it to be, so I'll just have to keep an eye on how I feel. Here are the goals. ish.

Main Goal - Sub 2. That's a 9:09 pace (in case you didn't know) which I think I can hold if I feel good and the weather is perfect. Right now it doesn't look like the weather will be perfect, but you never know.

Realistic Goal - 2:04, this is a 9:30 pace which I'm pretty confident that I can do even in not perfect weather.

Angel singing and unicorns dancing at the finish line everything comes together with magic goal - 1:57. 9 minutes flat pace. Pretty unrealistic for this race but hey, it's possible.

Bad Day goal - Anything under 2:11. That was my time the last half marathon I did (3 years ago), so it will be a PR, but I'm in much better shape now so I would be pretty upset if I was close to this.

Now to pick out my outfit. Priorities!

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