Friday, September 20, 2013

Top 7

1. Last Saturday I ran my longest run in almost a year.

I wasn't running for time, I just wanted to finish the distance feeling strong and I did! Legs felt good after loosening up after the first 6 or 7 miles (they were pretty sore from squats Friday). Tomorrow's long run is 11 miles - 3 easy, 5 @ 9 minutes/mile, 3 easy. 

2. I keep seeing snakes when I'm running. It's better than bears, but still. I didn't even know this one was poisonous until someone told me it was a copperhead.

Maybe I should stop taking pictures of poisonous snakes?

3. I got a new top I think I might wear for my half in a month. Cool, right?

Nike outlet to the rescue.

4. Running the last week or so has been heaven. The best weather since April.

See? Absolute perfection.

5. I just started reading John Grisham books. I've seen several of the movies they did from the stories and thought all of them were quite good, but the books I can't put down!!! Currently reading The Confession.

6. We got DIY network for a month on DISH and I recorded a bunch of stuff and now I want a house that's ugly so I can fix it. It does sound a little silly but I've been pinning all these DIY transformation stuff I want to do. I'm ridiculous.

7. I've been on the hunt for new running nutrition. Walmart sold shot bloks but pulled them from the shelf. My local athletic store (not running store) sells Gu but only 2 flavors. I have to have something with caffeine since I don't drink coffee and I like having a little pump for races and long training days. I stopped in my local "bike" shop to see if they had anything and they carried Hammer Gel, tropical flavor (25 mg caffeine), and Honey Stinger Chews, Lime-Ade (32 mg caffeine). The Honey Stinger chews? AWESOME. They taste so good, don't upset my stomach, easy to chew (easier than shot bloks), and gave the the caffeine I wanted. I am converted.

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