Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hammer gel review (it's not what you think)

I know you've been waiting desperately for my review of this:

I tried it yesterday during my 11 mile run ( 3 easy, 5 @ 8:55 pace, 3 easy) and let me tell you my exact reaction. Exactly. No exaggeration at all. This is what happened,

I gagged. Seriously. I'm running along and suck back some gel and GAG. I stop in my tracks and I thinking 


I can't believe I have to finish this monstrosity. I choke it down (again, literally) and drink all my water to get the taste out of my mouth (meaning I had to stop back at my house a couple miles later to refill my water bottles) and finish my run.

I get home to decide which nutrition to try for next week and I find ANOTHER tropical flavored hammer gel! I bought TWO?!

Lesson learned. Do NOT buy tropical flavored Hammer gel. blah. yuck yuck yuck. Consider yourself warned.

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DoubleDathlete said...

I like the Hammer Tropical. I am also more of a fan of the thinner consistency gels- which might be why you didn't like it too much. That is always a bummer though when you are in the middle of a run and realize that what you thought was going to work isn't going to work!