Monday, August 12, 2013

July review

July recap (a little behind schedule?)

go the whole year injury free!!! I'm having a slight nagging IT band annoyance. It seems to be triggered by more biking, so I'm trying to spin easy and not have the gear so hard.

1 mile timed run each month 
January outside- 8:05
February treadmill - 7:35 <-- almost="" died="" span="">
March - ummm, oops.

April - yeah.

May - In my defense, I was out of town for 3 of the 4 weeks in May.
June - too dang hot. seriously, the second I walk out the door I'm covered with sweat.
July - ummm, I did some mile repeats at 8:15, so there's that.

Run/bike/swim 2000 miles combined
Run - 78.86
Bike - 168.37
total for July - 247.67 (not too bad!)
Total miles - 984.78 (That leaves me a little over 1000 miles to go with only 5 months. Hmmmm....

Run a sub 2 hour half marathon.Registered, official training started today!

run a sub 25 minute 5KJune race - fail. Next is sometime in October

bike a 15 mile bike ride averaging 19 mph. not yet.

race a 10K under 58 minutesneed to find one, for some reason there are not very many around here.

weight training at least 2x a week.  doing pretty good.

maybe try a duathlon? not going to happen this year. oh well.

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