Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm basically awesome

Everyone says that speed is relative. And it's true. I don't consider myself "fast" because I can't run 8 minute miles consecutively. (5K or longer) So, what is fast for me is probably an easy day for someone else.

This morning I had a 4 mile tempo run which was supposed to be around 9:10-9:25 pace. I was hoping for 9:20's since it's still so hot and humid here and that slows me down drastically. So I slogged through my warm up and started going. Kind of felt like this,

But I was trying to stay comfortable while knowing I was using some muscles.

Mile 1 beeped at 8:44


I tried to settle down and make sure I wasn't pushing it too hard. Mile 2 @ 8:42

What the crap is going on??

Miles 3 and 4 at 8:59 and 8:52.

I've come to a new realization about myself.

(can you tell I'm having fun with the animated gifs?)

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