Tuesday, August 13, 2013

all crazy

The summer really gives me a hard time. Dave works four 10 hour work days so he leaves the house at about 6:20 in the morning. Meaning I need to LEAVE the house by 5 or 5:15 to finish my run in time before he leaves. But the kids don't have to be anywhere so they sleep in.

This week Dave has gone back to a regular 5 day work week and so now leaves the house at 7:25 or so. YAY! But I'm SO tired that getting up at 5:50 is still really hard. I get up and feel like I'm drugged and barely slog through my mile warm up before I wake up. When I'm done, i take a shower, climb back in bed and fall asleep again.

I'm hoping when school starts that having a regular schedule will knock me back into a normal schedule. It will, right?

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