Monday, July 1, 2013

June details

go the whole year injury free!!! no problemo so far.

1 mile timed run each month 
January outside- 8:05
February treadmill - 7:35 <-- almost="" died="" span="">
March - ummm, oops.

April - yeah.

May - In my defense, I was out of town for 3 of the 4 weeks in May.
June - too dang hot. seriously, the second I walk out the door I'm covered with sweat.

Run/bike/swim 2000 miles combined
Run - 63.81
Bike - 112
total for June - 175.81
Total miles - 737.11 for the year. I have a solid 6 months left and some longer races to train for, so I know I can at least hit 1500 for the year. we'll see.

Run a sub 2 hour half marathon.Registered today, 110 days to go.

run a sub 25 minute 5KJune race - fail. Next one is September 21.

bike a 15 mile bike ride averaging 19 mph. about that...

race a 10K under 58 minutesneed to find one, for some reason there are not very many around here.

weight training at least 2x a week.  trying to stay consistent.

maybe try a duathlonprobably not going to happen this year.

Since Dave does a 4 day work week in the summer, my fridays are now open for a longer bike ride, I'm trying to do 25 miles on fridays. PLUS, a great friend offered to take all 4 of my kids to burger king for lunch on Mondays and they are gone for at LEAST 2 hours, so there's a 30 mile bike ride on Mondays. So July is looking good for the next couple weeks on the biking.

Honestly, I'm just trying to keep my motivation up when the heat and humidity is making me not want to do any running of any sort. I feel miserable. My pace sucks, my tummy is upset all the time, and now that I've seen 6 bears the last week while running and biking, I'm terrified that I'm going to get attacked. Summer running is not for me.

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