Thursday, June 6, 2013

Making the Cut update - day 4

So if you read the title, you can tell that I'm 4 days into this program and here are my observations and thoughts so far...

  • I've gone from 127 pounds to 123.6. In. Four. Days.
  • I'm surprisingly full (stuffed, really) at every meal.
  • Eating food with zero salt really sucks.
  • I've been using a lot more toilet paper drinking 100+ oz. of water a day.
  • It's really amazing the quantity of food you can eat when you are eating the right things.
  • My shorts are significantly looser than 5 days ago. The khaki shorts I have on now were really snug on Saturday but now they hang very well and are even a hair too big.
  • It has not been long enough yet to kill my sugar cravings. I made these fruit bars for the family and specifically used raspberry filling because I don't like raspberries - therefore, I wouldn't be tempted. WRONG. They smell heavenly and I don't even care they are a flavor I dislike. I want them. (don't worry, I won't cave. The results are too exciting to stop now.)
  • I'm wondering how thin is too thin. Will I look gross at 120? 118? 115? I can't imagine I'll go below 118, my body is just not built for that size.
  • Grilling food is very satisfying.
  • I am more aware of food. It's hard to explain but I want to get fresh ingredients and don't really have a desire to pop a can of cream of mushroom blah. I want to use REAL ingredients. This is very different for me. I'll ponder this.
Confession: I will most likely have a cheat meal on my husband's birthday on Saturday. whew. I feel better.

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A Mormon Mommy said...

I have been eating very "cleanly" for the last 2.5 months and it makes a huge difference. I have lost 15lbs and two dress sizes since starting. My hunby is down 40 lbs and a pant size. We love eating mostly fruits and veggies and we are pretty sure we will never go back!