Friday, May 31, 2013

but what does it FEEL like?

Because I've decided that this race is going to suck, I'm surprisingly not nervous. It's not like its my ONLY shot to break 25 minutes, right? I'll just do the best I can without wanting to die(like last year's same race), and hope that the fast people stay home tomorrow. haha!

I decided on my outfit (loose, light colors) and prepped my playlist for only awesome songs and I'll be playing them super loud. I have a small water bottle in the freezer that I will carry with me during the race so I can drink when I want.

Last year's race started 25 minutes late which is a significant difference in weather, see?

Notice the "feels like" at 9am vs. 8am. If we start at 8:30 again, it will "feel" like 80 degrees when I'm done. Also note the humidity levels. This is really going to hurt.

I hope we start on time.

Monday, May 27, 2013

4 1/2 days until the pain starts

Yes, I know I've been gone, but that's because I've literally...been...gone.


My hubs and I took a vacation without the kids for 11 days in the British Virgin Islands! We celebrate our 10 year anniversary this year so we made a big deal of it.

What I wasn't expecting is that when we got back I had less than 2 weeks before my first 5K of the year. I lost a TON of fitness during the 2 weeks I was gone and it's now hot and humid. I tried to do some mile repeats last week and about died. Seriously.
I am slow, slow, slow right now so I'm not sure how this "race" is going to go on Saturday.

I can probably do 8:45's, which would give me the same time as last year.
I might be able to do 8:35's, which would give me a 26:40 - a 41 second PR
I can't imagine I'll do 8:25's, but if I did, I would have a 26:08.

I think 8:40's or 8:35's is a good goal so that's what my goal is. But you never know...