Thursday, April 11, 2013


I was thinking yesterday on my bike ride on how far I've come the last 5 years or so. Back then I was riding my road bike about 3 or 4 times a week around the neighborhood for 30 or 40 minutes, and my pace was nothing to brag on. A girl at church would run around our neighborhood - about 3 miles - and I would see her from my window and be so impressed and jealous that she could do that. She wasn't fast and didn't race very often but she could do something that I couldn't. I mean, I couldn't even run to the end of the block without keeling over and almost passing out.

4 years ago I decided I would try to run. The couch to 5K was mine. Except that we get these great ideas, like "hey! I can do that!" and then we go to try it out and it's so much harder than you even thought possible. I pushed through and ran my first 5K that Thanksgiving when my then baby was 6 months old. I finished in 32 minutes and wondered why I tortured myself like that. I did another in 30 minutes and then after an injury and a couple triathlons I did another in 28 minutes(10 months after the first). Then I got pregnant, had another baby and started to get back into shape. My current "non-official" 5K time from 2 weeks ago was 26:21 and I'm training for a sub-25. And, I've done a marathon.

Along those lines, one of my standard speed workouts is 4x800's. They always hurt, I always want to quit and hate running when I'm doing the 3rd one. But, notice my times for last 4 times I've done this workout.

8 weeks ago: 3:55, 4:05, 4:10, 4:07 = 2 miles in 16:17
6 weeks ago: 3:51, 3:54, 3:59, 4:01 = 2 miles in 15:45
4 weeks ago: 3:46, 3:58, 4:16, 3:47 = 2 miles in 15:47
Today:           3:42, 3:53, 3:56, 3:49 = 2 miles in 15:20

Not too shabby, right? It's results like this that make me love my garmin keep punishing myself with the speed workouts. They WORK.

Can't wait to see where I'll be in another 5 years.

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