Monday, April 8, 2013

no camera and no candy

-After the move to the new (tiny) house, I can't find anything. My family of 6 now lives in a 1500 square foot house and we are squishy. I can't find my camera, which means I have no pictures at all - I'm sorry about that.

-After being sick last week I am back in the saddle as far as my training plan goes, I've got 8 weeks until my 5K so I'm getting serious again. Unfortunately, on my 3 mile easy run this morning, I couldn't breathe!  It was my first experience trying to hawk a loogie.
is that how you spell that? Hack? hake?
Anyway, the phlegm was running like crazy and kept getting caught in my throat - hence the not breathing. Anyway, I'll just chalk it up to a crappy run and get some good sleep the next couple days.

-Also, a friend of mine is trying to go off soda but doesn't think she can do it cold turkey so for this week she is attempting to have one a day. I told her I would join her in a goal of my own. I will only eat candy/dessert type item once during the day for this week and we'll see how we did on Saturday. I'm also hoping I can lose 1.5 pounds this week while doing this goal, I eat a LOT of candy. It's a sickness.

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