Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Diving and speed

Wondering where I've been the last little while??

Getting scuba diving certified! It was a long 2 weeks and involved an incredibly great babysitter and patient husband. And perhaps some excedrin to keep me awake. Anyway, I'm now finished with my class, certified, and very excited to go diving in the British Virgin Islands in 3 weeks!!!!

Now that I'm recovered from the sleep deprivation and am back on my training, I tackled my three 1 mile repeats this morning. It's been a LONG time since I've done those. So long that I looked it up to see how long. 1 month ago on the treadmill. That doesn't really count since I can set the pace and just go (which I did at 8:30 each). So I looked back some more to see when I did it on the road. 

back then, my times were 8:37, 8:42, 8:48. I remember being so tired and it being so hard.
today? my times were 8:03, 8:15, 8:22.
My impressions from this morning was that the first 2 were really hard and the third at an 8:22 pace felt much more comfortable. Plus, that was on no caffeine. oh yeah baby!

Perhaps 8 months from now they'll all be in the 7's? Super exciting to think about.

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