Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whether you think you can, or think you can't...

My husband is gone this entire week for a combination of work and school. I have 4 children and the oldest is 8 so that means there is no babysitter.


I moved my trainer and bike into my bedroom so I don't have to face the 30 degree garage any more! what a difference that makes! I rode for an hour yesterday and it felt great. Also, the treadmill. Some may hate it (I know I would rather be outside) but when you don't have any other options, it's a lifesaver!

My 5K on April 20th is taken off the schedule since I just signed up for scuba diving lessons! My final open water dive is ON April 20th. So that means I have a massive 12 1/2 weeks until my next race - 5k on June 1st.

So I redid my training plan for the new race date and it says that if I hit my goal paces for the entire program I can race the 5K @ an 8 minute mile pace. That is so scary for me! Yes, I have set a massively frightening goal for myself. I have to convince myself that it is not out of reach and that I can actually do it.

I have to mentally retrain myself that running miles somewhere in the 8's is NORMAL. I am not a 10 minute miler any more. I just did a 5 mile race at 8:45's! I already did it and now I need to keep the momentum.

The training plan for today said 6 miles total with 3x1 mile repeats @ 8:30. Holding 8:30's is HARD for me. But you know what?? I did it. I almost flew off the back of the treadmill but I did it! It also helps to have some amazing music to listen to.

Now I need to not look too far ahead in the training plan or I'll freak out. Like when I have to do those same 1 mile repeats at an 8:10 pace instead.

My favorite mantra's

  • your body is strong. 
  • there is no pain, this doesn't hurt.
  • it's easy.
  • you can do this.
they aren't catchy or anything but it's what I tell myself when I'm struggling. And for me? Struggling is the new normal.

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