Saturday, March 2, 2013

Patriot 5 Mile

This morning I ran my

(it's hard to take a pic of your outfit by yourself and no timer.)

Weather was a sunny 38 degrees and very little wind. maybe 3-5 mph.

Every time Most of the time I do a race I get all excited and take off with the people in the front, I go too fast and the pain hits really early and I fade BIG time.

SO. The game plan was to hang at the back of the pack (chip timed so no worries about not getting the right time) and just warm up the first mile and then keep a strong but relaxed gait and just let my time fall where it may.

(excellent choice on the ghost 3's. so comfy.)

My heart rate was pretty erratic at the beginning but I settled in and was feeling good by about half a mile in.

Mile 1 - 8:45

I hadn't looked at my watch for that mile so I just kept it nice and relaxed while digging my excellent playlist. I didn't feel like I was trying too hard which was good since there were still 4 miles to go.

I was starting to pick people off that began too fast and never saw them again. haha!

Mile 2 - 8:44

I warmed up and took off my gloves and ear warmers by this point and tried to keep it steady on the hills. This no hills coastal living has destroyed my strength on climbs!

Hit the halfway mark feeling good and grabbed some water.

Mile 3 - 8:42

5K split - 27:00 - That's a PR!!!

(the course)

There was this HUGE hill just after the halfway mark that really took it out of me.

My legs felt GREAT but my breathing was starting to struggle. I just kept telling myself  to breath deep and slow, that my legs felt great, and there was no pain. No pain. No pain. (it really works, in case you were wondering)

Mile 4 - 8:52

and then the biggest hill yet. right at the end! But by the time I got to the top the flat ground felt really easy and the downhill finish was awesome. fastest split!

Mile 5 - 8:25

(cold after the race)

Finish time - 43:30
8:45 pace
3rd in 30-39 AG
Average HR 181 (yikes, that's a little high)

I DESTROYED my goal!!!! I almost can't believe that was me! and I never really felt like I was sprinting except for the last .2 or so. I felt relaxed and in control. woohoo!!!!

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