Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 3 most important things before a race.

2 days to go.

Now marks the most important steps in prepping for a race. The training? a little important but not as much as the following...

#1 - The weather.

For Saturday, it looks like it'll be about 36 degrees at 8am with not very much wind. MUCH better than the last time I raced at 70 degrees and 30 mph sustained wind.

#2 - Music! 

Here is the playlist I have selected. I know that it's too long but I can start it a couple minutes before the race and then cool down a little bit after the race.

And no fair making fun of my music. Actually, I don't care because if you don't like my stuff then you are not as cool as I thought. ha!

#3 - The outfit.

I'm gonna go with capri's and compression for the first time ever. And the socks and green stripes on the tank match EXACTLY! (can't really tell in the pic) And this will be the first time I get to wear arm warmers for a race! Usually it's always hot but not this time. I can't decide which shoes to wear, though.

Here are my thoughts on the shoes.

ghost 3's - most comfy and still has lots of miles on them.
ghost 4's - hardly any miles on them so they are cushiony but are much stiffer(that's what she said).
pure cadence - only run in them a couple times. feel great on a short run but on my 6 miler they started bugging me. (but they are PINK!)

Alright, I think I've completely prepped. 5 miles under 46 minutes, HERE WE GO!

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