Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 pack, coming right up!

In an effort to get down to a great racing weight and looking FAB for the swimsuit season that is rapidly approaching, I started doing the Strong Like Susan 30 day Ab Challenge again. (I did it last summer)

Here's the link to day one.

I had great results last time and my tummy got a little squishy over the winter (you know that spot right under the belly button? yeah, right there) so obviously, it's time to shape up! I do 2 days on and then take a day off.

My lower abs are so sore and tight I feel like everyone should be able to see the 8 pack right now. that isn't what is visible yet, but it feels like it! I'm excited to see the end results combined with a good diet, and hopefully it helps my running as well.

Did I mention that running is going well? After the first 3 weeks, it feels like someone flipped a switch and now I'm feeling more normal. I nailed my tempo run this week and I'm really looking forward to what I can do on race day in 3 weeks!

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