Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 3 most important things before a race.

2 days to go.

Now marks the most important steps in prepping for a race. The training? a little important but not as much as the following...

#1 - The weather.

For Saturday, it looks like it'll be about 36 degrees at 8am with not very much wind. MUCH better than the last time I raced at 70 degrees and 30 mph sustained wind.

#2 - Music! 

Here is the playlist I have selected. I know that it's too long but I can start it a couple minutes before the race and then cool down a little bit after the race.

And no fair making fun of my music. Actually, I don't care because if you don't like my stuff then you are not as cool as I thought. ha!

#3 - The outfit.

I'm gonna go with capri's and compression for the first time ever. And the socks and green stripes on the tank match EXACTLY! (can't really tell in the pic) And this will be the first time I get to wear arm warmers for a race! Usually it's always hot but not this time. I can't decide which shoes to wear, though.

Here are my thoughts on the shoes.

ghost 3's - most comfy and still has lots of miles on them.
ghost 4's - hardly any miles on them so they are cushiony but are much stiffer(that's what she said).
pure cadence - only run in them a couple times. feel great on a short run but on my 6 miler they started bugging me. (but they are PINK!)

Alright, I think I've completely prepped. 5 miles under 46 minutes, HERE WE GO!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

4 days left!

I have a race on Saturday that I was originally nervous for, but am now getting pretty excited. It's a 5 mile race in a hilly neighborhood - there are ZERO hills where I live. The event is an hour away but here? The biggest "hill" is a curb. Seriously not a joke. I've tried to do some hill work on the treadmill I got a couple weeks ago, and I've followed my training plan to the "T" for the last 6 weeks. My training thingy says I can run this 5 miler in under 45 minutes. While I'm not sure I can do that, I'm pretty confident that I can hold a 9:15 pace for the whole thing making my finish time 46:15. So let that be my goal for this race.

I'm not really sure what to expect based on amount of people, the course, etc. But my husband thinks I can run it in 45 minutes flat. That's the pace I need for a sub 2 hour half so I would LOVE to be able to do that but if I don't feel good during the race I won't push it.

Even if I don't make the times others think I can, even if I crash because the hills took it out of me, there is this quote that I really like,

"Just because I can't do it today, doesn't mean that I can't do it."

That is my motto for this year because I've set some really high goals and I can't get discouraged when I don't get them the first try. There's always another race!

Monday, February 18, 2013


I really am enjoying having a treadmill in the garage for when it's raining or when the wind is gusting from the north like a tornado - it's FREEZING wind. However, the treadmill feels really hard to me. Just me? I will set it to an easy pace for me when I'm outside and I feel like it's moving really fast. Is the treadmill wrong? And I running the wrong way on it? Am I a freak?

For the people who mainly run on a treadmill, does outside feel really hard? Is it because the mat goes at a specific speed all the time and when I'm outside I can go faster or slower depending on how I feel at any given moment?

I obviously don't know much about treadmills.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I've been doing pretty good sticking with the cross training and strength training work, and I've been trying to mix it up by doing different strength videos and youtube videos and things. I wanted to give Bob Harpers 20 minute cross fit workout (that I found on pinterest) a try.

45 seconds into the 20 minute workout I said, "screw that!" and did other strength work instead.

Maybe if I hadn't already run that morning? Maybe if I was in a better frame of mind?

I will say, that's a HARD workout. You want to try it? HERE it is.

I'll try again next week. yeah. next week.

Monday, February 11, 2013

And then I almost died...

I was given a treadmill by a friend to "borrow" until I move and it has yet to make it into the house. Oh well, garage it is.

It has been great since it's been really cold and rainy lately. And Dave has had to gone several times for school, so I can still run and not leave my kids!!!

Today I decided would be a good day to do my 1 mile timed run(on the treadmill) since I could just set the pace and then go.

Since I ran an 8:05 about 6 weeks ago, i set the speed for 8.0 (which is a 7:30 pace) and hung on for dear life. And also hope I don't fly off the back like those contestants on The Biggest Loser.

I completed 1 mile in 7:35 and even though I thought my heart was going to explode out of my ears, it didn't. I have mixed feelings about that. I am pretty impressed that I did it, but since it was on a treadmill I feel like it was cheating. And I felt like my body was going to give out at any second. Oh well, I'm done for another month!

Plus, the brooks purecadance felt amazing. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 pack, coming right up!

In an effort to get down to a great racing weight and looking FAB for the swimsuit season that is rapidly approaching, I started doing the Strong Like Susan 30 day Ab Challenge again. (I did it last summer)

Here's the link to day one.

I had great results last time and my tummy got a little squishy over the winter (you know that spot right under the belly button? yeah, right there) so obviously, it's time to shape up! I do 2 days on and then take a day off.

My lower abs are so sore and tight I feel like everyone should be able to see the 8 pack right now. that isn't what is visible yet, but it feels like it! I'm excited to see the end results combined with a good diet, and hopefully it helps my running as well.

Did I mention that running is going well? After the first 3 weeks, it feels like someone flipped a switch and now I'm feeling more normal. I nailed my tempo run this week and I'm really looking forward to what I can do on race day in 3 weeks!

Friday, February 1, 2013

February already?

- go the whole year injury free!!! So far so good. 11 months to go.

1 mile timed run each month January - 8:05

Run/bike/swim 2000 miles combined
Run workouts - 16

Run miles - 59.71
Bike workouts - 4 (that kind of sucks)
Bike miles - 68.3
Total miles - 128.01

Run a sub 2 hour half marathon. I won't register for one until sometime in the summer.

run a sub 25 minute 5K. So far I have one on April 20, one on June 1, and another October 3.

bike a 15 mile bike ride averaging 19 mph. didn't work on this at all this month.

race a 10K under 58 minutes. need to find one.

weight training at least 2x a week.  ummm, I did 5 weight sessions. a little low.

maybe try a duathlon?

The first 3 weeks absolutely sucked. It reminds me why it's important to not stop working out, because it's SO hard when you start again. The last week of the month it changed. I started feeling strong again, like I could handle it, like I could do more, like I could be fast at one point. 

I'm feeling good.