Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sugar and Stickers

-I've made it five days (minus one) of no sugar. (I had some mini hershey candies yesterday) I am still feeling desperately like I will go crazy and eat nothing but candy but my headaches have gone away and I am feeling power in my success. (I've also dropped 4 pounds)

-To add to the excitement, I ran 6 miles this morning. It's the furthest I've run since November 11th and I've only been back running for 3 1/2 weeks. I have a 5 mile race in 5 weeks and I was feeling like I was crazy for signing up for it because my 3 mile runs have been feeling like torture. But today? My run was great!!! I was feeling strong for the whole run, and it's the first time since I've started running again that I felt like myself. FINALLY. YES!

-In other news, my husband commented that I didn't have a marathon sticker for my car yet. I got my half marathon one the day I did my first half marathon so I guess he was surprised that I hadn't done it. I went online and searched and searched for one that spoke to me. And I found the PERFECT sticker. It came today and I replaced my 13.1 with a new and improved sticker.

It's me all the way.