Friday, January 18, 2013

moving forward

I've been back at it for about 3 weeks. I've moved from going 2 miles at a time where I wanted to kill myself to running 5 miles this morning. It wasn't awesome. I tried to keep my heart rate under 170 (unsuccessful) and to do that I had to run at least a mile per minute slower than normal, but at least I did it.

On monday I am starting some race pace miles inside of a normal run. It's gonna hurt. The good news is that I've actually started cutting all the crap out of my diet so I have about 5 more pounds to lose instead of 8. I am starting to feel stronger and I've been keeping with the 2 days a week of body strengthening. I hope that's helping.

It's hard to get back into it. if you can help it, don't take time off.

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