Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It works. It actually works!

I feel like "me" is starting to come back. My workouts are going better, my legs feel stronger, my running pace is (slightly) faster. It is still taking me a while to recover from the workouts but at least I can DO them now. sort of. It's amazing how your body will respond with just a couple weeks of consistancy.

This morning I have 4x800's on the schedule. I used to love 800's, they are my favorite speed work because you don't have to sprint to death like in 400's and mile repeats are SO long. That was then and this is now. I wanted to keel over and die. by the last .15 of the .5 I put my watch on I could barely breathe. I felt like I was running through tar by the end of every one and hoped I was close to where my goal was (4:11/each = 8:22 pace). It's now 5 hours after I finished and my heart rate is still not back to where it normally is.

Oh, how did I do?


nailed it.

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