Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It works. It actually works!

I feel like "me" is starting to come back. My workouts are going better, my legs feel stronger, my running pace is (slightly) faster. It is still taking me a while to recover from the workouts but at least I can DO them now. sort of. It's amazing how your body will respond with just a couple weeks of consistancy.

This morning I have 4x800's on the schedule. I used to love 800's, they are my favorite speed work because you don't have to sprint to death like in 400's and mile repeats are SO long. That was then and this is now. I wanted to keel over and die. by the last .15 of the .5 I put my watch on I could barely breathe. I felt like I was running through tar by the end of every one and hoped I was close to where my goal was (4:11/each = 8:22 pace). It's now 5 hours after I finished and my heart rate is still not back to where it normally is.

Oh, how did I do?


nailed it.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sugar and Stickers

-I've made it five days (minus one) of no sugar. (I had some mini hershey candies yesterday) I am still feeling desperately like I will go crazy and eat nothing but candy but my headaches have gone away and I am feeling power in my success. (I've also dropped 4 pounds)

-To add to the excitement, I ran 6 miles this morning. It's the furthest I've run since November 11th and I've only been back running for 3 1/2 weeks. I have a 5 mile race in 5 weeks and I was feeling like I was crazy for signing up for it because my 3 mile runs have been feeling like torture. But today? My run was great!!! I was feeling strong for the whole run, and it's the first time since I've started running again that I felt like myself. FINALLY. YES!

-In other news, my husband commented that I didn't have a marathon sticker for my car yet. I got my half marathon one the day I did my first half marathon so I guess he was surprised that I hadn't done it. I went online and searched and searched for one that spoke to me. And I found the PERFECT sticker. It came today and I replaced my 13.1 with a new and improved sticker.

It's me all the way.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No sugar - day 2

I really love chocolate. I want to eat some.

Fortunately, I tried to run 5 miles this morning and it was horrible. HORRIBLE. I don't know if I am just that out of shape, or if it was because it was 22 degrees, or if the 4 layers of clothes slowed me down or what, but it sucked big time. Feeling so awful on a run does not make me want to eat garbage.

I'm sticking to the plan and trusting that getting all the crap out of my body plus my speed work will be worth it in 6 weeks when I do my race because running 5 miles right now is torture. (how's that for a run on sentence?)

Can't wait for dinner - Dominican rice and beans.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bye bye my love

I didn't tell anyone (except my husband) that I was going to attempt to go (added) sugar free. Why not? because I suck at doing this. I've tried to do it 8 different times THIS month and failed every day by 2pm.

Anyway, I decided to try again and it's 8:30pm and I've been successful! The only goal was to get through today. If I wanted something I would tell myself that I could have it tomorrow. It's not going anywhere.  As it turns out, I LOVE fruit. well, I knew that already but since it would be my only sweet item to eat I savored it. That pear at lunch was IN.SANE.  I felt pretty good about everything I was eating and I even resisted when I made a peanut butter sandwich for my son at lunch and wanted some peanut butter. I love that stuff.

The only side effect so far is a raging headache that I can't shake. I didn't want to take any pills or anything so I took a nap which took the edge off but it's still there. Is that part of sugar withdrawals?

Looking forward to FINALLY being successful at this. At least until valentine's day. :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

moving forward

I've been back at it for about 3 weeks. I've moved from going 2 miles at a time where I wanted to kill myself to running 5 miles this morning. It wasn't awesome. I tried to keep my heart rate under 170 (unsuccessful) and to do that I had to run at least a mile per minute slower than normal, but at least I did it.

On monday I am starting some race pace miles inside of a normal run. It's gonna hurt. The good news is that I've actually started cutting all the crap out of my diet so I have about 5 more pounds to lose instead of 8. I am starting to feel stronger and I've been keeping with the 2 days a week of body strengthening. I hope that's helping.

It's hard to get back into it. if you can help it, don't take time off.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Family time

My family went to the beach yesterday since it was supposed to be nice. and it was!

I love that picture.

and this one:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's on

My husband and I are going on our FIRST vacation (that doesn't include visiting family) with no kids since our honeymoon!!!!  (I bought the plane tickets today) it's our 10 year anniversary this year so I thought it was rather fitting.

we are going sailing in the British Virgin Islands. YIPEEEE!

that means I have 120 days until I will be living in a swimsuit for a week. Operation: sailing trip will commence. Lose 8 pounds. have no jiggilies. be confident!

ummm, can you say "paradise"?

120 days.

Monday, January 7, 2013

1 mile

I did my first timed mile run of 2013. I knew it wouldn't be pretty since I took 2 months off and I'm just starting back.

heart rate in the 190's

It really, really, REALLY hurt.
like. REALLY.

It was so hard to breathe and those extra 5 pounds were pretty obvious. I am super happy that my time didn't start with a 9, because I was really worried that it would. That's how "un"fast I felt.

But I did it and now I can plan on being a little bit faster in a couple weeks!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Motivation is HERE

Guess what I just did?!

The husband just agreed to my first race of 2013!!!!

Registration opened today and I was all over it.  A 5 mile race at what I HOPE I can hold a 9:15 pace. That's right. Even though today a 2.8 run was torture at a 10:10 pace. cuz I'm crazy like that.

I have 8 1/2 weeks to go and it's a little bit of a hilly race. Well, hilly compared to the flat as a pancake place that I live in. So I need to find a hill (and trust me, that's a challenge around here) to do some repeats on at least once a week so my legs aren't shot. And I'm going to keep up the weight training so my legs feel strong. And I think I'll bike an hour on my off days so my endurance is up. Basically I make this up as I go along. :)

I'm so excited to have a race to look forward to!!! It gives me so much more motivation. woot woot!