Friday, December 14, 2012

schedule time

I miss running.

It's been exactly 1 month of zero running. and I'm getting impatient.

I miss my shoes. I miss my workout gear. I miss being outside. I miss my running playlist.

So to take my mind off the fact that I still have 2 weeks to wait, I decided to research some races for me to do in 2013. Dave has forbidden me to do any LONG races and I don't feel like it's smart to do a triathlon with no pool to train in, so here's what I've found so far...

March 2 - 5 mile Patriot Run. This looks like a cool distance to try.

March 24 - Short course duathlon?? I've never done this and it'll force me to work on my less than stellar of the triathlon's 3 sports. 3 mile run/14 mile bike/1.5 mile run

April 20 - 5K!!!! the first try for a sub 25 minute race.

May 4 - kayakathlon. kayak/bike/run. how cool is that?

October 12 - 5K!!!!! second try for a sub 25!

October 19 - Neuse River Bridge 1/2 marathon??

November 15 - 10 mile train run.

That looks pretty good to me! I'm excited!

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