Friday, December 7, 2012

oh, SNAP!

I'm walking down my stairs holding my (heavy) baby and and about halfway down my foot just flew up out from under me. It was a combination of slow motion and the fastest 2 seconds of my life. I had no time to think and just held on to the baby while I landed on the stairs full force on my back. The tears came instantly while I laid (lay? lie? I can never figure out which one it is) on the stairs to figure out how badly I was hurt. 5 minutes later I slowly got up and investigated the damage. I think I'm just bruised but dang it hurts bad! BADLY bruised.

I have zero desire to run right now. I have a feeling I won't do anything today since it hurts so bad.

Why can't mommies have someone to kiss their boo boo's away??

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