Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lord, let my feet not hurt!

1 week to go.

My goals are loose right now since I don't know how my feet will hold up. Both times my feet have been injured it came out of nowhere and BOOM - ouch city. That could absolutely happen in the race and I am mentally prepared for that. My time goals would fly out the window and I would just try to get across that finish line before they pulled my sorry butt off the course.

Assuming my feet feel okay and nothing ELSE starts to hurt, here is what I'm thinking.

A+ goal - this is if my feet and muscles feel amazing, the weather is perfect, I'm there mentally, and the lactic acid stays away from my quads as long as possible. sub 4:18. That's a 9:50 minute mile and I know I could do it if I were not injured. I'm not counting on this one, but it could happen.

A goal - 4:22. This is a 10 minute mile average which I KNOW I could do. This is a real possibility but  it's trusting on kind of a perfect day and my feet holding on.

B goal - Beat Oprah Winfrey's time of 4:29:19, which is a 10:16 pace. I did a 10:14 pace on my 20 miler so this is very possible.

C goal - Beat Kate Gosselin's time of 4:58, and Tara Costa's time of 4:56 (from the biggest loser). what can I say? I'm competitive! I'd like to beat Tara because she won like, EVERY challenge  on the show, and Kate? I feel like...if she can do it then I can do it.

D goal - finish and get my medal/belt buckle. I could get heat stroke (I don't know what the weather will be yet), my feet could feel like knives are in them, leg cramps, puking, you just never know! 26.2 miles is a LONG way to go and anything could happen. I know that if I don't make any of my time goals and still finish knowing that I left everything out there and did the best I could then I will be happy.

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