Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Okay, FOUR things. What? Rules were made to be broken.

1. What I REALLY want to be using, but can't.

Aren't they beautiful?? They are so white and desperate for some grass and dirt to show how much they are loved.

2. What I am doing instead of running.

Even though I can run for 10 miles, 15 minutes of squats and I am so sore it's embarrassing.

3. One of my new headbands! Isn't it cute???

4. My 9 month old (well, my 3 year old too but I have no picture of him) needed to be all bundled up for our bike ride today in 50 degree weather. If that isn't the cutest baby ever, then love must really be blind.

1 hour ride and 1 nap taken by the baby. Holy crap he's adorable. I love that baby.

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