Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Bump in the night.
Yesterday and today I've got out "walking" at dark-thirty in the morning to test out how my foot is feeling (in case you were wondering, it feels MUCH better but I'm still taking it super easy all next week as well to make sure I don't hurt it worse. according to my podiatrist friend, it's tendonitis and I can run but use pain as a guide to when to stop). I'm walking along the street with my phone playing music - no headphones, just out loud - and I'm catching up to this girl walking in front of me. I'm thinking she hears me since my music is playing, but when I pass her she turns and jumps about 4 feet away while gasping and clutching her chest! bwahahahahaha!!!! She had these huge headphones on and I scared her to death! that was funny.

2.  in her shoes
I'm starting to keep my eyes peeled for a deal on some new running shoes since I only have about a month left on the ones I'm wearing. I'm kicking myself for not buying the Ghost 4's a couple months ago when the 5 came out. Because I wear the most popular size, it's hard to find and I HATE paying full price. At Dick's sporting goods, I found the Ghost 4 on sale in my size!!

done and done. and I love the green.

3. Bicycle race
I went on a bike ride with my neighbor today who claims she hasn't exercised in 4 years. I put my 2 little boys in the bike trailer which slows me down to anywhere from 11-15mph. she said that was the perfect speed so it worked out well. We headed out around 11am and 4 miles into the ride she said she was feeling dizzy and wanted to throw up. we stopped for a water break and she laid in the grass for at least 10 minutes. I noticed a Gu taped to my bike that I never ate at the triathlon and I threw it to her to eat. she ate it and within 2 minutes she felt amazing and said she could even see clearer! She asked me what is in those things and where do I get them?  I converted someone to Gu!!!

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